LEISING de STANDISH: Common ancestor to Rebecka Nurse and Myles Standish

Rebecka Nurse, nee Towne (aka Rebecca Nurse) was a second cousin to Salem founder, Roger Conant. Roger had had a terrible row with Myles Standish (another direct ancestor to author) in the Plymouth (Plimoth) Colony, yet all three were descended from the Family de Stanediss (Standish) and were all distant cousins to one another. Here the fort in Plymouth, in a photopainting by F. Bruno.

Leising de Standish, born about 1135, is a common “Pater Familias” to Rebecka, Roger, Myles and author. He is also claimed as an ancestor by:

HRH Charles’s 24-Great Grandfather. PM Churchill’s 23-Great Grandfather. Lady Diana’s 24-Great Grandfather. P.M. Cameron’s 24-Great Grandfather



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