Roger Conant: founder of Salem

CONANT, Roger 7Salem was founded by Roger Conant, a cousin of Rebecka (Rebecca) Nurse. This would have been known by all at her trial in 1692.

Roger Conant was Governor of the Cape Ann Colony 1625 – 1628.

Roger Conant was born in East Budleigh, Devon, England. His mother was Agnes Clarke (1548 – 1630), whose father was John Clarke (1503 – 1559)

John Clarke (1536 – 1610), the son of John Clarke (1503 – 1559), was the father of Elizabeth Alice Clarke (1569 – 1630)

Elizabeth Alice Clarke was the mother of William Towne (1599 – 1673), who was the father of Rebecka Blessing Towne (1621 – 1692), who was falsely accused and hanged as a witch.


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