St Cuthbert’s

St Cuthbert’s Church at Aldingham is largely of Norman origin (12th century), but a worn Anglo-Saxon cross fragment in the east wall and some evidence of Viking burials suggests a much older sacred site.

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The Parish Church of St.Cuthbert, Aldingham stands stubbornly on the shore of Morecambe Bay protected by a sturdy sea wall. A significant part of the former village and its environs were washed away be storms.

Michael le Fleming was lord of the manor in 1127 when Furness Abbey was founded, and in 1180 his son Daniel was the first rector of Aldingham.

An inscription in Durham Cathedral gives the names of several places in the area, including Aldingham, where the body of Saint Cuthbert rested when the Angles were fleeing from the Danes around 875. It is known that during his life, Cuthbert held lands around Cartmel on the neighbouring peninsula.

Aldingham in the Domesday Book

The parish of Aldingham

The Leven is a noted salmon river and flows for approximately eight miles (13 km) into the northern reaches of Morecambe Bay. The river and its estuary are the boundary between the Cartmel Peninsula and Furness Peninsula.

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