Charles Fiennes

Charles Fiennes, born about 1607, was the fifth son of Thomas Fiennes, Lord Clinton, third Earl of Lincoln, and a younger brother of Theophilus Fiennes, fourth Earl of Lincoln. He entered Christ’s College, Cambridge, in Easter, 1624, but did not proceed to a degree.

Charles Fiennes and his sister Lady Arbella Johnson, who both sailed on the ship bearing Arbella’s name in the Winthrop fleet in 1630. Charles remained only a few weeks in New England, and then returned to England.

He was one of the signatories in 1630 of The Humble Request of His Majesty’s Loyal Subjects, the Governor and Company late gone for New England; and to the rest of their Brethren in and of the Church of England; for the obtaining of their Prayers, and the removal of Suspicions, and Misconstructions of their Intentions.

via Families Directly Descended from All the Royal Families in Europe (495 to … – Elizabeth M. Leach Rixford – Google Books. pages 87 and 88

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