Theophilus, fourth Earl of Lincoln

Admitted as a fellow-commoner at QUEENS’, Easter, 1618. Son of Thomas, 3rd Earl of Lincoln.

Matric. 1618; M.A. 1618.

Admitted at Gray’s Inn, February 5, 1619-20.

Theophilus succeeded his father as fourth Earl of Lincoln in 1619. He married the daughter of William Fiennes, first Viscount of Saye and Sele.

Died May 21, 1667. (G.E.C.)

descended from Sir Edward Clinton

Edward, Lord Clinton, by Hans Holbein the Younger

M.A. 1564; on the Queen’s visit.

Son of Thomas, 8th Lord Clinton and Saye. B. 1512. Knighted, 1544. Lord High Admiral, 1550. K.G., 1551.

Created Earl of Lincoln, 1572. Died Jan. 16, 1584-5. (D.N.B.; Cooper, I. 494; G.E.C.)

via Alumni Cambridge University.

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