Thomas, third Earl of Lincoln

Succeeded his father as third Earl of Lincoln, 29 September 1616.

Educated at Oxford 1582, aged 14, MA 1588.

Styled Lord Clinton 1585-1610.

Summoned to Lords as Lord Clinton de Say February 18th, 1609-1O.

Died 15 January 1619.

His Lordship married Elizabeth, daughter and coheir to Sir Henry Knevitt, of Charlton, in Wilts, Knight, by whom he had issue eight sons, Henry, and Thomas, who both died young; Theophilus, his successor; Edward, Sir Charles, Knevitt, sixth son, Robert, seventh son, died without issue, John, eighth son, who died unmarried; with nine daughters, Catharine, Lucy, Anne, and Dorcas, who died young; Elizabeth, who was married to John Berisford of Ledenham; Frances, to John Gorges, Esq. son and heir to Sir Ferdinando Gorges, Knight; Susan, to Humphreys, of the county of Kent, Esq.; Arabella, who was wedded to Isaac Johnson; and Sarah.

His ancestors, established in Warwickshire since the reign of Henry I, were raised to the peerage in 1299, and first represented that county in Parliament in 1301. His grandfather acquired property in Lincolnshire by marriage in 1531, becoming one of the county magnates with electoral influence at Boston and Grimsby. His father sat for Lincolnshire in 1571, and succeeded as 2nd earl of Lincoln in 1585.

On his father’s death in 1616 he succeeded as 3rd Earl of Lincoln, inheriting Tattershall Castle, extensive estates in Lincolnshire, and a house in Chelsea, purchased from Salisbury, on which considerable sums were still owed. Perhaps in an effort to raise the money, he sold various pieces of ordnance to the East India Company at this time. Nevertheless, before he had satisfied all his father’s creditors, he died suddenly on 15 Jan. 1619, and was buried at Tattershall.

In his will, dated four days before his death, he left six manors to his heir, Theophilus, on condition that all debts were paid within five years. To his five surviving daughters he gave £2,000 apiece as marriage portions, provided they did not marry without the consent of their mother. His daughter, Elizabeth, forfeited her inheritance by marrying her father’s manservant. In her widowhood the countess of Lincoln, the mother of 17 children, published a book advocating breastfeeding, and regretted that she had not followed the practice herself. Theophilus’s son Edward represented Callington in the Long Parliament.

via CLINTON, alias FIENNES, Thomas Lord (c.1568-1619), of Tattershall, Lincs. | History of Parliament Online 1604-1629

via CLINTON, alias FIENNES, Thomas Lord (c.1568-1619), of Tattershall, Lincs. | History of Parliament Online 1558-1603.

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