Hougun Manor

Situated on the west shore of Coniston Water, Cumbria, Hougun Manor has been classified as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty by Natural England.

The Domesday Book refers to when the manor of Hougun was held by Earl Tostig about 1060. The peninsular given to Furness Abbey is recorded as part of the Manor of Hougun, which included Cartmel, and Walney Island, Houganai or island of Hougun.

The name Hougun is thought to derive from the Old Norse haugr meaning ‘among the hills‘.

via The Origins of Lancashire Denise Kenyon, Manchester University Press, 1 Jan 1991. pages 147-148

The Domesday entry for Hougun is significant in indicating the extent of Norman control.

In Hougun Furness Low Earl Tosti had four carucates of land to be taxed In Chiluestreuic qu Woodlands three carucates Sourebi Sowerby three carucates Hietun Heaton four carucates Daltune Dalton two carucates Warte Swarth two carucates Neutun Newton six carucates Walletun Walton six carucates Suntun Santon two carucates Fordebodele two carucates Basse six carucates Hert Hest two carucates Lies six carucates another Lies two carucates Glassertun Gleaston two carucates Steintun Stenton two carucates Cliuertun Crinleton four carucates Ouregraue Orgrave now called Titeup three carucates Meretun Marton alias Martin four carucates Pennigetun Pennington two carucates Gerleuuorde Irelith Kirkby two carucates Borch Burrow 6ix carucates Berretseige Bardsey four carucates Witingham Whitingham four carucates Bodele Bothil alias Bootle four carucates Santacherche Santonkirk one carucate Hougenai Furness High six carucates All these villages lie to Hougun Furness High Manor in Stercaland Strickland Mimet Mint Cherc iebi Kirkby Kendal Helsingetune Helsington Steintun Stainton Bodelforde Hotun Old Hutton Bortun Burton in Kendal Daltun Dalton Patun Patton Gilemichel had these In these are twenty carucates of land to be taxed Manor In Cherchebi Kirkby Kendal Duuan had six carucates to be taxed Manor In Aldingham Aldingham Ernulf had six carucates to be taxed Manor In Vlurestun Ulverston Turulf had six carucates to be taxed In Bodeltun Bolton six carucates to be taxed in Dene Dean alias Deyn one carucate

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