John Humfrey

under date of September 30, 1630, Winthrop wrote:

“About two in the morning, Mr. Isaac Johnson died ; his wife, the lady Arbella, of the house of Lincoln, being dead about one month before.”

In a footnote on the same page, Mr, Savage explains that the Lady Arbella, the wife of Isaac Johnson, was the daughter of the third Earl of Lincoln and that her sister, Susan, married John Humfrey.

under date of July, 1634, this all-important record:

“Mr. Humfrey and the lady Susan, his wife, one of the Earl of Lincoln’s sisters, arrived here.”

The journal contains many other allusions to Humfrey, but this is enough to establish the identity of John Humfrey, the Massachusetts magistrate, with John Humfrey, the husband of the Lady Susan.

John Humfrey was one of the signatories of the Cambridge Agreement. He was the treasurer of the Dorchester Company, which established an unsuccessful settlement on Massachusetts Bay in the 1620s, and was deputy governor of the Massachusetts Bay Company from 1629 to 1630. He was unable to accompany Governor Winthrop on the 1630 fleet that brought the first large-scale migration to Massachusetts, and was consequently replaced by Thomas Dudley as deputy governor shortly before the fleet sailed. He came to Massachusetts in 1634, where he served as a magistrate.

via Full text of “John Humfrey, Massachusetts magistrate : did he marry the daughter of the third Earl of Lincoln!”.

In 1640 Lord Saye and Sele offered, and Humphreys accepted, appointment as governor of the Providence Island colony.

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