Grandma Harrington

by J (Johannes) Froebel Parker

Robert Harrington was among  20,000 Puritans, who sailed to Massachusetts between 1630 and 1640.  Puritan families with a wide variety of trades were selected to found a successful and self sustaining colony. The 4th Earl of Lincoln shared the enthusiasm of his father in law for colonisation of North America. Together they planned the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Robert may have arrived with his parents, or as one of the many servants in the colony. While researching my Parker ancestors, I discovered that we do not know where Robert was born, the names of his parents, or how he arrived in Massachusetts.

This inspired me to imagine a story about Robert as a 14 year old boy arriving with his parents on the Winthrop fleet in 1630. Imagining that Robert is a grandson of Lady Harington of Kelston, provides a context to explore the complex emotions of the Puritan migration in search of religious freedom.

Grandma Harrington and the Queen’s Wardrobe

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Robert’s father may have drowned in Boston Harbor in 1630, and his mother may be Anne Harrington, who was buried on 25 Dec 1632 at Charlestown, Massachusetts.

American Genealogist V.20, 1944 p.46-47 stated that

“Ann Clinton died young and is incorrectly stated to have married John Harrington”.

The son of Sir John Harington, the “favourite godson” of Queen Elizabeth I, John Harington married Lady Dioness Ley, daughter the 1st Earl of Marlborough, and was a Member of Parliament for Kelston for many years. He died in 1654 in England.