Robert Harrington

The name of Harrington is found in almost every town in New England. Many of them are descended from Robert Harrington, who died on May 17th, 1707 at Watertown.


In his will dated January 1st, 1704, Robert Harrington mentions his sons John, Daniel, Benjamin, Samuel, Thomas, Edward (to whom he gave his homestead), and his daughters Susanna Beers, Mary Bemis, and Sarah Winship.

Robert Harrington is the last name on the list of proprietors made out in 1642-44, as the owner of a homestall given him by Thomas Hastings. This gift renders it probable that he was a kinsman of Deacon Hastings, one of the very earliest settlers of Massachusetts, and a freeman of Watertown.

In 1649, Robert Harrington married Susanna George, who was born in 1632, and died July 6th, 1694. On the 27th of May, 1663, Robert Harrington was admitted a freeman, and was thereafter chosen as selectman of Watertown.

Although the parents of Robert Harrington remain unidentified, his probable ancestor is Robert de Harington a younger son of Robert de Harington and Agnes, heiress of Aldingham, during the reign of Edward I.


source: Genealogical and Personal Memoirs Relating to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts, Volume 3, 1908 pages 1423 to 1428

There has been considerable speculation about whether either Sir John Harington of Kelston, near Bath in Somerset or his kinsman Thomas Harington, Rector of Kelston were ancestors or cousins of Robert Harrington, who died on May 17th, 1707 at Watertown.

The grave of Robert Harrington is typical of seventeenth century Boston; a decorative motif of a “death’s head”, often with wings.

Descendants of Robert Harrington, who have been tested for the HARRINGTON Y-DNA Surname Project have a solid match with a descendant of William Harrington of Essex, England.

Both the mother and father of Johannes Froebel Parker are descended from Robert Harrington.

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