Susannah Martin

hanged as witch in Salem witch trials 1692
born 1621 in Buckinghamshire, England

Susannah Martin, nee North was also accused and hanged with Rebecka (Rebecca) Nurse, nee Towne in Salem in 1692 in Salem Village, Essex, Massachusetts Bay Colony.

The original court record book has been lost. The local Puritan minister, Cotton Mather, recorded the testimony. Susannah and the others accused were not allowed to have counsel.

“As soon as she came in, Marcy had fits”

Magistrate: Do you know this woman?

Abigail Williams saith it is goody Martin, she hath hurt me often.

Others by fits were hindered from speaking.

Marcy Lewis pointed at her and fell into a little fit.

Ann Putnam threw her glove in a fit at her.

Susanna laughed

Magistrate: What! Do you laugh at it?

Martin: Well I may at such folly.

Mag: Is this folly? The hurt of persons?

Martin: I never hurt man or woman or child.

Marcy: She hath hurt me a great many times and pulls me down.

Then Martin laughed again.

Susannah’s 4th great grandfather, Robert Thomas North (1374-1471), is the author’s 17th and Lady Diana’s 16th.

Roger Conant: founder of Salem

CONANT, Roger 7Salem was founded by Roger Conant, a cousin of Rebecka (Rebecca) Nurse. This would have been known by all at her trial in 1692.

Roger Conant was Governor of the Cape Ann Colony 1625 – 1628.

Roger Conant was born in East Budleigh, Devon, England. His mother was Agnes Clarke (1548 – 1630), whose father was John Clarke (1503 – 1559)

John Clarke (1536 – 1610), the son of John Clarke (1503 – 1559), was the father of Elizabeth Alice Clarke (1569 – 1630)

Elizabeth Alice Clarke was the mother of William Towne (1599 – 1673), who was the father of Rebecka Blessing Towne (1621 – 1692), who was falsely accused and hanged as a witch.


Zach Braff and Mitt Romney ‘related through a witch’

The link between Braff and Romney was discovered when a family history expert made the discovery “sort of by accident” when he looked into Braff’s background

via Zach Braff and Mitt Romney ‘related through a witch’ – Storyful.

Rebecca Nurse, the shared ancestor in question, was executed for witchcraft by the government of the Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England in 1692, during the Salem witch trials. Nurse’s story inspired the 1952 play ‘The Crucible’, written by Jewish playwright Arthur Miller.